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Veteris Draconum Aestas

(Summer of the Ancient Dragon)

(Season 2)

Summer, 2003. Oh, but the world has changed. Cyberpunks are on the streets. The secret of immortality was found, marketed and lost. 2056 is gone. The Jammers are a mess. The Ascended is a mess. Aztec is where Mexico used to be. Russia lost World War III. 1850 is gone. 1511 is opened up.

Life sure is strange to old and hardened dragons.

See my calendar for scheduling information.

Dramatis Personae

Jake EllisAustralian KidScrappy KidBarney Mattox (Strider)
Alexander McLeodLA Police OfficerKarate CopScott McComas (Aragorn)
Douglass CharlesAscended Private EyeTransformed DragonMichael Ellis (Kallen)
Bob HackDenver FloristBig BruiserMike Jeung
McBainDisavowed CIA AgentEx-CommandoDave Argent (Armand)
Ma Yi-Yung (Yvonne)Kung Fu StudentMartial ArtistSusannah Gort (Genista)
Xian Kang **Dragon, Ex-TriadReformed GangsterRobert G (Skythian)
Jacques NoirFrench Art/Jewel ThiefThiefBryant Durrell (Garrett)
Mira Lee ChenRetired US Special OpEx-CommandoMegan O'Neil (Megs)
Jien LiHong Kong CopMaverick CopDebra Armstrong (Jadiana)
Tanaka Diashi (Dee)Roller-blading NetherworlderNinjaHeather Bloom
Pei Cheng Fong **Geomancer's DaughterScrappy KidChng Yi-Mei (Denyse)
Jeffrey EllisAncestor WorshipperPurist SorcerorBernard Hsiung (Squire)
Sha KingMonkey King, Jr.Transformed MonkeyTim Manchester
Niccolo Scarleone **Chicago MobsterKillerCharlie Winckless (Johnny Alpha)
Lan Feng (Blue Phoenix)Imperial AssassinNinjaTara Lynch (Harmony)
Ken Shih KanSuicidal Ex-ConReformed (sorta) GangsterMike Jeung
Jean Baptiste LeeNetherworld DragonMartial ArtistBill Ricardi

** Indicates One Shot Characters

Session Summaries

Num TitleDate
Season 1
1 An American Cop in Hong Kong May 31, 1997
2 Breaking and Entering Jun 1, 1997
3 Things to Do in Denver Jun 8, 1997
4 Oh Buddha, it's a dinosaur! Jun 22, 1997
5 The Breath of Ancient Gods Jul 12, 1997
6 Jackie Chan in Vancouver Jul 27, 1997
7 Monkeying with Eunuchs Aug 16, 1997
8 When in Rome... Sep 1, 1997
9 Death of a SalesmanSep 20, 1997
10 Here comes the RoosterOct 11, 1997
11 No! Frontal Assault BADOct 25, 1997
12 Enter the DragonNov 8, 1997
13 Rome Wasn't Burnt in a DayNov 22, 1997
14 A Trip to MexicoMar 28, 1998
15 Burning Down the HouseApr 11, 1998
16 The Demon WithinApr 25, 1998
17 Know When To Fold 'EmMay 9, 1998
18 Sumeria? I hardlyMay 23, 1998
19 Heat ExhaustionJun 6, 1998
20 Throne War, pt IJul 18, 1998
21 Throne War, pt IIAug 15, 1998
22 Season FinaleAug 29, 1998
Season 2
1 It's my party and I'll die if I want toJul 3, 1999
2 I scream and devil dogsAug 14, 1999
4 Forever youngAug 28, 1999

Player Contributions

StoryThe Ascended BuildingScott McComas
StoryReminiscenceScott McComas
StoryThe McBain SagaDave Argent
StoryAnd they all fall down...Scott McComas
StoryTwo days in the life of Ken Shih KhanMike Jeung
StoryMira's StoryMegan O'Neil
StoryMira's Story, TooMegan O'Neil
StoryThe Hand That Feeds YouBill Ricardi
LetterSha King's Letters to Father 1Tim Manchester
LetterSha King's Letters to Father 2Tim Manchester
LetterSha King's Letters to Father 3Tim Manchester
LetterSha King's Letters to Father 4Tim Manchester
LetterSha King's Letters to Father 5Tim Manchester
Diary4/11/98, AlexScott McComas

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