It has been several years since I have bothered to actually update my web page in any meaningful way. This is not because I've stopped using the web, but rather because I have made much greater use of blogs and the like. For several years, I've been using Livejournal for the bulk of my writing, and the static web site has fallen into disrepair. Rather than leave it up with recollections of trips from 2002, I've decided to clean it up a bit and put roadsigns to the other places you might want to go. I keep three different blogs:
Livejournal is for my personal material, which mostly means things which amuse me.
Blogger is for my RPG writing, which I'm slowly pulling over from LJ is my blog for more serious writing that is not RPG related. It's still a bit of an experiment.

Hopefully one of them will lead to what you need.